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You may think you know Hawaii, but we promise you that we can show you a new side of Hawaii that’s beautiful beyond your wildest dreams. A full 1hr flight will take you completely around the island. We’ll show you famous landmarks, we’ll show you valleys and mountains and waterfalls. Your experience will be something you’ll never forget, we guarantee that. Private flights. Doors optional. Two to three seats available per flight. Book online or give us a call for a concierge like booking experience. Shorter flights are also available at lower cost.

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Best Helicopter Tours

We’re Not Just Different, We’re Better!

best Waikiki helicopter tour

18 Min Tour

Starting at $185/person*

Start in world famous Honolulu International Airport, glide over Diamond Head volcanic tuff ring and Waikiki. See Waikiki Beach and the shoreline from high above! Get a bird’s eye view of the century-old Diamond Head Lighthouse built in 1899. Return back over urban Honolulu and Downtown. Be one with the City.

And as if this helicopter flight over Waikiki wasn’t an easy enough sell, know that this trip also gives you the option to fly with the doors off at no additional charge!

Best Hawaii Helicopter Tours

30 Min Tour

Starting at $245/person*

Honolulu’s most famous stretch marks the first leg of your 30-minute Oahu helicopter journey. The flight takes you over the shoreline and up to the otherworldly Diamond Head Crater!

But that’s not all—after exploring the volcanic cone, you’ll travel to Oahu’s south shore for even more epic scenery. Fly above Koko Head and see other notable landmarks.

See Waikiki Beach and the shoreline from high above! Get a bird’s eye view of the century-old Makapu Lighthouse.

Best Hawaii Helicopter Tours

60 Min Tour

Starting at $359/person*

Complete Island Tour. See almost all of Oahu on this jam-packed helicopter flight!

You’ll fly over Waikiki Beach, explore a number of volcanic craters, traverse historic sites including Pearl Harbor and that’s just the start of it! More beaches, bays and hidden waterfalls mark your passage from North to South. 

See Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. Explore Kaneohe Bay and the hidden gems of Ka’a’awa (Jurassic) Valley and Sacred Falls!

*Prices shown reflect the price per seat when booking 3 people per flight. Flights of 2 people or fewer are subject to an additional fee equal to 50% price of the unoccupied seat. Taxes and fees will be added at checkout.

Common Questions About Helicopter Tours



How much does it cost?

The price of the tour is calculated based on how many people are on the tour. Book for 3 people and get the best rate per person!


I am booking a flight for 2 labelled, “Private Flight”, but there is a box asking “Would you like to book the whole aircraft?” for a fee. Why?

The private option charges 1/2 a standard seat price in addition to the initial two seats to keep the third seat empty and guarantee a private flight. Without this option, there is a chance the third seat will be filled with a single occupant from another party. We provide this option to make the flight less expensive for a party of two that wishes for a cheaper flight and do not mind the extra company.


I’m traveling alone. Your website says $XXX per person, can I pay you that and go by myself?

This is possible, but not guaranteed. Please call us to book for 1 person – we will check the schedule and see if we have a tour with an open seat. We will combine you with two other travelers who chose not to pay extra for the PRIVATE option.


What do I wear on helicopter ride?

Make sure you have sunglasses or regular glasses to protect your eyes from the wind! Keep long hair pulled back. We also recommend you to wear a light jacket if you get cold easily.


What can I expect on my tour?

You can expect to see the most beautiful sights on Oahu, guided by a knowledgeable and courteous pilot. It will be an unforgettable experience! Our tours accommodate 1-3 passengers and we offer doors on or doors off options.


Is flying with the doors off safe?

Yes. The helicopter model we operate is specifically approved by FAA for any door on/door off configuration. You will also required to wear a seat belt all the time. Our staff will instruct you about in-flight safety measures before your flight. Your safety is our first priority!


What will I see on the tour?

Each tour offers a different set of a locations that you will see. For example, 18 min tour is centered around Waikiki and Urban Honolulu, but 60 min flight will take you around the whole island where you will see mountains, waterfalls, and historic Pearl Harbor!


Are helicopter tours safe?

Helicopters can be especially safe forms of transportation if you do your research. As is the case with any other form of transportation, it all comes down to how well the vehicle is maintained and the skill of the pilot. We have 100% safety record for over 11 years in the helicopter business.


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