With its sun-drenched, golden and white beaches, lush volcanic landscapes, and vibrant atmosphere in its urban centers, Hawaii is one of the most highly sought-after holiday destinations in the world. If you want to see everything this tropical paradise has to offer, you should check out Hawaii helicopter tours that allow you to see the Aloha State’s iconic attractions without having to jostle with crowds. When it comes to our tours, you’ll enjoy far more benefits than just privacy and incredible views.

At Honolulu Helicopter Tours, we’re a team of highly experienced pilots from across the planet that’s proud to call Hawaii home. We love nothing more than introducing visitors to Hawaii’s most amazing landmarks from the sky. Thanks to this passion on top of our 100% safety rating, we’re the go-to helicopter tour operator in Oahu. Call us to find out about our exciting tour options, or keep reading below to discover the benefits of our excursions.

The Benefits of Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Here’s why so many visitors and locals alike highly recommend our unique Hawaii helicopter tours:

See Hawaii’s Top Sights from the Best Vantage Point

See Hawaii from the best viewpoint on a helicopter tour

If you think that natural wonders like the Diamond Head crater and Waikiki Beach look awe-inspiring from ground level, wait until you see them from above! While soaring through the skies on one of our modern and superbly maintained helicopters, you’ll take in unobstructed views of Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, and much more.

Gain an Introduction to All Hawaii’s Main Attractions

Because the remote islands of Hawaii can take such a long time to reach, you’ll undoubtedly want to make the most of your time here by squeezing in as many attractions as possible. Even in the space of a few weeks, you wouldn’t be able to see everything this place has to offer on foot. Book one of our Hawaii helicopter tours, and you’ll take in views of Oahu in its entirety within the space of an hour.

Discover Some of Oahu’s Most Remote Sights

Hawaii helicopter tours take you to remote places

Some of the most breath-taking natural phenomena on the island of Oahu are almost impossible to reach on foot. Others, such as Sacred Falls, are closed to hikers for safety reasons. Fortunately, our Hawaii helicopter tours take you to some of the most pristine and virtually untouched destinations in Hawaii, including Sacred Falls and Waimea Valley.

Experience the Thrill of a Helicopter Ride

On top of everything, taking to the skies in a helicopter is heaps of fun, promising you a thrill like no other. Join one of our Hawaii helicopter tours, and we’ll even let you open the door for free – if you dare!

Browse Our Hawaii Helicopter Tours Today

For many people, visiting Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you want to make each second count, you might want to book one of our Hawaii helicopter tours that allow you to see all the state’s most famous landmarks and attractions without the crowds in under one hour. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out what our flights include, what you’ll see, and why our tours are the best way to explore the paradise that is Hawaii.