The best way to take in the most amazing views of the Aloha State is to book a helicopter charter in Hawaii. While soaring through the sky, you can soak up bird’s-eye views of Hawaii’s most famous attractions, access hard-to-reach hidden gems, take professional photographs, and get a quick introduction to the state in a short space of time. But how do you choose the best helicopter charter in Hawaii for you?

At Honolulu Helicopter Tours, we’ve been taking visitors to the most stunning areas in Hawaii via helicopter for years. Today, we’re well established as one of the most reputable tour operators in the state. If you’d like to learn about our diverse range of tours, give us a call. Keep reading to find out about the factors to consider when choosing a flight.

Aerial View on a Helicopter Charter in Hawaii

Organizing the Perfect Helicopter Charter in Hawaii

From your desired duration to your budget, here’s what you need to consider when booking a helicopter charter in Hawaii:


Do you just want to get a quick glimpse of Oahu’s famous sights from above? Or would you prefer a flight that takes you to all the hidden gems of all the Hawaiian Islands? Flying in a helicopter is an exhilarating experience, but you might prefer to keep your flight short if you’re afraid of heights or suffer from vertigo. The duration of our flights ranges from 18 minutes to an hour and over. So, whatever you need, we have the perfect tour for you.


There is an abundance of urban, natural, and coastal highlights to see while visiting Hawaii. When booking a helicopter charter, you need to consider which destinations you want to visit to decide which tour is right for you. Some flights just take you over a particular destination such as Honolulu, while others can take you from the north to the south of Oahu and beyond. You may want to look at flights that take you over the volcanoes of Big Island.

Doors on vs. doors off

While flying in a helicopter guarantees to be a thrill, nothing beats the excitement of flying with the doors off. Without doors to obstruct your view, you can take professional photographs of the scenery beneath you while feeling the wind against your face. However, if you’d prefer the feeling of safety that an enclosed space provides, you might want to keep the doors closed during your flight. Should you want to open the doors on one of our tours, you can do so free of charge.

Time of day

Do you want to fly above Hawaii while the beaches, rugged coastlines, and lush landscapes are drenched in natural sunlight? Or, would you prefer to take to the skies in time for an unforgettable sunset? You may even want to rise early so that you can soar through the air at sunrise. Consider the time of day you’d like to travel when booking your helicopter charter in Hawaii.


Naturally, how much money you have to spend will have an impact on which tours you might want to consider. Fortunately, we offer tours that cater to just about any budget. In fact, our flights cost as little as $179 per person.

Book Your Helicopter Charter in Hawaii Today

When booking a helicopter charter in Hawaii, make sure to consider factors such as your desired flight duration, the sights you want to see, whether to keep the doors closed or open, and your budget. Also, only book flights with tour operators with a wealth of experience. At Honolulu Helicopter Tours, we’re one of the Aloha State’s leading flight operators thanks to our 100% safety rating, modern and well-maintained helicopters, and genuine passion for travel. So, book your flight today or call us for more information.