Hawaii is famous the world over thanks to its paradisaical beaches, lush volcanic landscapes, tropical flora, and incredible urban centers. If you want to see all Hawaii’s highlights during a short stay, you might want to take to the skies in a helicopter so that you can soak up unobstructed aerial views. Naturally, searching for a ‘helicopter ride near me’ is a logical way to find convenient flights. But how can you be sure that your local flight operator is safe?

At Honolulu Helicopter Tours, our 100% safety rating is just one of the qualities that has helped us become a leading flight operator in the Aloha State. People also choose us because we’re passionate about travel, maintain our helicopters to the highest standards, and only work with highly experienced pilots.

In this article, we discuss the qualities you should look for in a helicopter tour operator so that you can fly with peace of mind over your safety. If you have any questions about how we guarantee safety or want to book a flight, don’t hesitate to give our team of friendly professionals a call.

Helicopter maintenance in Hawaii

I’m Searching for a Helicopter Ride Near Me – What Should I Look for?

Found a helicopter ride near you that looks appealing? Before booking a flight, make sure the tour operator possesses the following qualities:

Licenses and certifications

You should only book helicopter flights with licensed tour operators that can prove their credentials. At Honolulu Helicopter Tours, we’re fully licensed, certified, and insured to operate flights over the Aloha State. Moreover, we only hire fully licensed pilots with a wealth of experience under their belts.

A well-maintained fleet

You need to know that there’s absolutely zero risk of a breakdown while you’re soaring through the air. We maintain our fleet of helicopters in line with the most stringent safety standards. That’s just one of the reasons why we enjoy a 100% safety rating.

Passionate pilots

Flying in a helicopter itself is an exhilarating experience, but the experience is made even more exciting when you’re flying with a pilot who’s genuinely passionate about travel and Hawaii. You can rest assured that after flying with us, you’ll leave with a much deeper appreciation for Hawaii, its history, and its culture.

Diverse tour options

Some people want to spend as much time in the air as they can, while others simply want a 20-minute flight for a quick introduction to Hawaii. Instead of simply choosing the closest tour operator to you, choose a company that can cater to your needs and desires.

Looking for a ‘Helicopter Ride Near Me’? Contact Our Trained Pilots

If you’re staying in Hawaii and searching for a ‘helicopter ride near me,’ you needn’t look any further than us. At Honolulu Helicopter Tours, we’ve been setting the bar high for tour operators in Hawaii for nearly a decade. So, if you want to see the very best of what the Aloha State has to offer, our flights are perfect for you. Book your flight today or contact us for more information.